I've been a busy little builder.

I've made a whole series of postapocalyptic stuff (too much to even post screenshots of it, just check it out in my store in virago). Also, I've changed my payment system to EURO for my more popular items because the US Dollar seems to be in a free fall. That means the price of my items now depends on the Euro and its exchange rate with the US Dollar/Linden Dollar (the Linden Dollar more or less proportional to the US $).

ALSO: Today I've finished my first item that I am going to sell with FULL PERMISSIONS.
Yes you've heard right, I'm selling the Wasteland Goggles with modify, transfer and copy permissions.
I'll post more about this later but for now let me just quote from the product notecard that comes with the goggles:

->Bitter Thorns<- Wasteland Goggles
Design and Idea: Juliet Ceres

These Goggles come wit FULL PERMISSIONS. You can wear them, modify them, script them, give them to your friends, you can even SELL THEM if you made changes to them.
Please don't just sell them as they are, I'd consider that as a rip off but I won't come after you if you do. Just expect a lot of bad karma and people yelling at you if you do.
Also please don't put them in a box that everyone just has to click on to get them (that means freebie places as well).

If you give them to other people or sell them, please give me credit when doing so - a simple "The original version of these modified goggles was made by Juliet Ceres. Please check out her stuff if you like them."


Wear them. That's all.

I hope you enjoy them. :)

Juliet Ceres

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if ya wanna see them on a post-apocalyptic vampire, I have pic's on my Blog at:

and The Goggles at: