Second Life is boring

I made a video (planning to make a whole series) to show that Second Life is NOT boring. I plan to walk around and show places that I like and things that are interesting. This is the first installment of this series. Included are:

- boobies
- people shooting
- a punk bunny
- lesbian designers
- pretty darn good advertisement

Part one of two:

Part two of two:

Links to check out the places I've been to in SL:

EtchD Tattoos

InkD Tattoos


dandellion hat gesagt…

Second life is not boring. We all know that. But, that question is rather interesting one.
There is a lot of things to do, places to see, people to meet. And while I claim that SL is not boring, I must admit that I did feel boredom in SL couple of times. And, it was intriguing enough to bang my head why is that happening. And it was always happening when I was treating second life as a TV, when I tried to be passive consumer of it.

Juliet Ceres hat gesagt…

Pretty good point there. But most people aren't used to media that don't work when treated like a TV.
SL doesn't even work when you treat it like a video game...

dandellion hat gesagt…

Exactly. That is one of the main reasons we have so high retention rate.

elijahscup@hotmail.com hat gesagt…

Your videos are as boring as second life itself. I wanted to give it a chance. Just a waste of time.