Random Conversations: The State of the Grid

Hi ya. I'm going to start posting random conversations I have with friends here that show what actually moves and annoys us these days. Maybe someone at LL actually reads this sometimes. Maybe not.
I just wanna get something out there and document the state of the grid. Hopefully to laugh at it in a few years.

Viola Gemini: Hehe yeah, they need interaction designers, bad...
Juliet Ceres: they need ANYONE with a CLUE
Juliet Ceres: you know I'Ve been to this office hour with daniel linden
Juliet Ceres: and we just asked him why he chose to look like a suicidal artist
Juliet Ceres: when he represents the community of SL
Juliet Ceres: and he just said van Gogh wasn't suicidal
Viola Gemini: Haha
Juliet Ceres: he said it was an illness
Juliet Ceres: quoting some strange articles
Juliet Ceres: I mean the guy is honestly gone
Juliet Ceres: far gone
Juliet Ceres: and you can see that he HATES his office hours
Juliet Ceres: and he NEVER actually works with the community
Juliet Ceres: he's nowhere to be seen
Juliet Ceres: ever
Juliet Ceres: I mean he's really a lunatic
Juliet Ceres: he did't sit down at his office horus
Juliet Ceres: hours
Juliet Ceres: which obviously shows that he's fucken uncomfortable with the whole thing
Juliet Ceres: and he just "crashed" at the end
Juliet Ceres: without saying goodbye
Juliet Ceres: nothing
Viola Gemini: Hehe, well, SL just has grown out of controll of LL, both hardware, software, and the course is long gone. They keep wanting to push ahead without fixing the broken things first
Juliet Ceres: I swear the only reason why I haven#T downgraded my account is that I want to have live support
Juliet Ceres: which actually somewhat works
Juliet Ceres: but that's the only reason
Viola Gemini: Hehe well i am on a free account now. I guess live support is a requirement for you. All in all... SL can be so much more of its run with some more competence. Like shutton down the bloody grid when nothing works :P
Juliet Ceres: you know I wouldn'tmind if they'd just shut down the grid for 3 weeks or so
Viola Gemini: Oh worst of all bug by the way, though this is not new
Juliet Ceres: jsut to work on it
Juliet Ceres: even if it didn't help a lot
Juliet Ceres: just to see them actually try
Juliet Ceres: that'd be worth it
Viola Gemini: of iffor any reason, a non copy item fails to rez (not allowed on land, parcel full) it is destroyed
Viola Gemini: doesnt come back :P
Viola Gemini: must have lost about 3000 L$ that way now
Juliet Ceres: crazy
Juliet Ceres: I mean with _basic_ database transaction logic that shouldn't happen
Juliet Ceres: at all
Viola Gemini: Well its the key system
Juliet Ceres: mhh?
Viola Gemini: Key is removed from your inventory on rez, then placed on the object in the grid. Only when that fails to rez, the part that restores the key in your inventory doesnt work. The item is there, but it wont ever rez again, and next time you log in its gone
Viola Gemini: try rezzing some no copy freebee you have on a palce where you cant build.
Juliet Ceres: umm
Juliet Ceres: yeah but that shouldn't happen
Juliet Ceres: the key in your inventory should only be deleted if the object is rezzed successfully
Juliet Ceres: that easy
Viola Gemini: Don't tell me :P
Juliet Ceres: that's very basic transaction stuff
Juliet Ceres: database 101
Viola Gemini: Yup, and most of these poeple dont replace your items either, so had to buy a new set of poseballs :p
Juliet Ceres: yea of course they don't
Juliet Ceres: since it's no copy
Viola Gemini: Yup - oh well, all in all i am still having a good time, just times that i start wondering about SL that i think 'why cant they get it right, it could be so much more'
Juliet Ceres: well on the one hand
Juliet Ceres: they can'T fuck it up worse
Juliet Ceres: I mean they really can't
Viola Gemini: Well they will try iwth windlight again
Juliet Ceres: one of these days they just have to fix that stuff because it gets too annoying for them
Viola Gemini: supporting even less video cards, giving local controll of color and light settings...
Juliet Ceres: did you know that you had to actually delete or rename the second life sound.exe to avoid losing ressources for voice even if you disabled it?
Viola Gemini: and if you would have said this yesterday i would have said 'they will try with oip' and they have...
Juliet Ceres: I dunno
Viola Gemini: What the hell is this communications panel...
Juliet Ceres: it's bullshit
Viola Gemini: look at groups
Juliet Ceres: everyone knows its bullshit
Juliet Ceres: but they released it anyway
Viola Gemini: right click, and select groups
Juliet Ceres: I know I know
Viola Gemini: If i double click a group now, i start an IM session. No i have to press áctivate' wich is a small button, right NEXT TO leave...
Viola Gemini: i mean...
Viola Gemini: seriously...
Viola Gemini: they cant fuck it up worse... i think they will
Viola Gemini: everytime i see that i think they will
Juliet Ceres: mhh
Juliet Ceres: but how can they be so stupid?
Juliet Ceres: I'd really have to try real hard to be as stupid as them
Juliet Ceres: I think I'd fail
Viola Gemini: Yeah, well issues like that, even though its small... i'd have to agree. You cant possibly make descisions that bad if you sit down and think of how to screw up the software
Viola Gemini: /i know something, lets make a panel with ALL chat windows and groups and options for all things, and 7 different volume var sliders...
Viola Gemini: So that people with low resolutions are screwed for certain, because noone uses the chatwindow the size of the group window, then add even more useless options so the core of your tasks gets even more vague, and call it 'communicate'
Viola Gemini: We wil ldo what apple did, only in reverse!
Juliet Ceres: you know
Juliet Ceres: I'm gonna post this to my blog
Viola Gemini: :p well i hope someone out there reads it in the linden office. I can tell this has been top down development. Where the boss thinks 'lets do it this way' and noone dares to say otherwise. An interface deisgner would not do this...


Anony hat gesagt…


I agree 100% with what you're saying. The Lindens don't seem to listen to us at all.

They just add features that no one needs or wants (like voice) into SL and disclaim all responsibility by saying that the "residents will determine the efficacy of voice."

The new GUI for chat is also a travesty. I really wish that they would reconsider the design as it's very poor, from everything I've heard.

At this point, I'm wondering if a community run, open source, not-for-profit company might be able to run SL better than Linden Lab currently is.

Anony Mouse
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Cliff hat gesagt…

You know what, I'm fucking HOT right now and thought of this post right when I realized that LL during it's last updated decided to remove the "Alt Shows Physical" option from the "View" menu.

I swear to God man, where was the bug in this? Alt Shows Physical was the ONE way you can check scripted objects while they're linked. Beacons won't work since it'll only show ONE beacon on linksets.

You might as well just strip away the debug menu too since those are handy too.

For fuck's sake. They "fix" things that aren't broke and take a sledge hammer to those that ARE broke, but hey, as long as voice works it's all good right?