On Voice

Eloise Pasteur: well, I turned all my voice off on all my parcels I directly own and use
Eloise Pasteur: tough if they don't like it
Juliet Ceres: me too
Eloise Pasteur: It will be fascinating to see in three months time where it is
Juliet Ceres: there is NO killer app for voice
Juliet Ceres: I mean why would I use it now if I didn'T use skype for it already
Juliet Ceres: and if I used skype, why would I want to use voice?
Eloise Pasteur: true
Juliet Ceres: and face it
Juliet Ceres: you can't talk to more than one person on the phone at the same time
Juliet Ceres: the whole concept is fucked up
Juliet Ceres: voice doesn'T work many to many
Juliet Ceres: it's either one to one
Juliet Ceres: or one to many
Juliet Ceres: simple as that
Eloise Pasteur: Yes
Eloise Pasteur: Turn taking will be fascinating
Eloise Pasteur: with text, not important, with voice... we're lacking cues in SL

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