LL finally acknowledges bugs

As Viola said in the conversation of my last post, LL finally announced that you might lose your no copy items if you rez them on land where you don't have building rights.

Also, LL announced that problems with voice have been resolved. Which is untrue.

Some of my friends are telling me that the problems continue to exist.
All while teleporting seems to be a matter of luck. And since I'm paying for SL and using it is a game of chance right now... is SL a form of gambling? Should LL ban themselves?

In other news I keep getting more and more IMs from people who have purchased items from my stores and vendors and never received them. I know it's prolly hurting my business to post this here but I think it's better to inform people about that instead of denying it like LL is. Good thing is: since almost all of the items I sell are sold with copy and mod permissions, I don't mind sending them again to you. Even if they're not I'd rather keep my customers happy than insist on making money of them and forcing them to buy stuff over and over again.
Lets see if LL actually manages to understand that path of thinking. I know it's done me only good. I love my customers. Does LL, too?

We are living in interesting times.

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