I gave Kaneva a try today. I have to say I'm kinda disappointed.
I'm not looking for yet another social network tool thingy. And its's kinda funny that their slogan is

"Create a free profile
Discover new friends
Explore the virtual world"

because as a creative person I don't just want to create a free profile. I want to create things, objects, clothing, vehicles, art...

And as any builder or designer will have to agree with - if you're creative you don't have to "discover" new friends. You just find them all over the place. Creative people have a tendency stick together and form networks by themselves.
And last but not least I don't just want to "explore" the virtual world. I want to create it, be a part of it and help to shape it.

So sadly I won't be seen in Kaneva.

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dandellion hat gesagt…

Just the same I don't see the point of Keneva and Sony's Home.... MySpace in 3D, though one can find a purpose of MySpace. SL, as buggy as it is and with all the wrong behaviour on the side of Lindens is creative world. And it does matter.