How to log into SL when it won't let you

This is the second post of my series about how to handle Second Life when it's utterly broken.
This morning I once more encountered the infamous "Nyahhhh - I won't let you log in!" bug, caused by some strange routing accident somewhere on the way between my computer and LL's servers.

it looks like this:
First it displays that "Attempt 1" message.

Then the viewer crashes.

To be able to log into SL anyway, one needs to change ones DNS server. That's the "Domain Name Service" server that translates domain names into IP addresses which are used between computers to find themselves on the internet (or local networks).
By changing it to a DNS server that "knows" the way to LL's login servers, one can actually log in. A DNS server usually gets assigned to to a network connection when connecting to the network (duh!) and the one I seem to have (along with a lot of other europeans) seems not to be working.

So how to change it?

If' you're Mac OS X user, you go to your system preferences, click "Network", double click on your active network connection:

and choose "TCP/IP".

There you fill in "" into the DNS field. "" is your new DNS server it's owned by the OpenDNS project and it actually knows the way to LL's login servers.

There you go.

I'm gonna add a few pictures that show how it's done on Windows XP later. Hopefully I'll get someone to send me some pictures of how it's done on Vista as well.



One of the nice people in my update group has just directed me to the OpenDNS project. It has its own DNS servers and they aparently do the job as well - AND they are offering instructions of how to change your DNS server in any operation system.
Instructions for Windows can be found here for example.

Their current IP is or (both of them are working) and I've changed this post accordingly.

Thanks to Wie Wunderlich!


Jay Crow hat gesagt…

So, good.

But, and in Windows?

Very nice blog

Hyang Zhao hat gesagt…

hehe, good idea.

Looker Lumet hat gesagt…

Vielen Dank!!!
I was desperate the last few days, and thanks to your post, all is back to normal. I use Windows XP, and it went just smoothly, as described.;)
My problem was that , when trying to log in, there was a note, saying: "Unable to contact, login data was never received by login server."
Changing the DNS server to the settings described did it!

Jesse hat gesagt…

I have tried changing the DNS server settings into what you have informed.

But it's still not working, do you know what kind of problems do I have ?

Is this firewall related issue ?
I'm using SecondLife Release Candidate 1.19.0(0) on Debian Etch Linux.