Do you speak Lindenese?

I took the freedom to translate some of Linden Labs Blog post into plain English (or at least somewhat, since I'm german...).


[RESOLVED] Search temporarily down
[10:09 AM PDT]

Operations is investigating a disruption to in-world Search, related services and teleports.

After two to three hours of screaming and running around with our hands in the air we finally figured out that no one is able to buy stuff. At all. WE'RE ALL DOOMED!


Wonderful wiki resources you should know about
Friendly greetings! It’s me again, here with s’more knowledge to make your Second Life easier. My recent posts have all been inspired by questions I get asked a lot by Residents in our community, and the same is true today.

Hey ya, fellow dorks. I'm the monkey LL usually shoves onto the stage whenever something is horribly wrong and they want to distract you. Brace yourself for you're going to be exposed to huge amounts of pink and greenish flowcharts and annoying happy-happy-talk. I'm running out of cool stuff to talk about (...can't write about Windlight again *sob*) so todays lesson is gonna be about...err... let's grab something out of the box... damn. Ok... Wikis. *sigh*


Voice Chat “Live” Maintenance Scheduled for Four Hours Tonight
The Voice Chat system is scheduled for maintenance work this evening from 8 pm until midnight PDT.

The voice system will remain enabled during the maintenance work; however, each region may experience one or more brief interruptions to the voice service until the work is completed.


Yes we fucked up again. So what?!
As everyone already knows, voice doesn't work, no one really cares for it but we still had to force it down your throats because ... HAVE TO ADD NEW SHINY TO DISTRACT!! CAN'T FIX BUGS CAUSE WE DUNNO HOW!!!

Of course it's broken and it still will be after we're done but let's pretend it works and lets pretend you'll use it while we're fixing it, mmmhhhkay?

Fuck you!

If you want me to translate any other message from LL, just post a link to it in the comments, I'll do my best to help.


dandellion hat gesagt…

Great one. Very usefull too. I know there are many different species and lifestyles on the grid, but Lindens are very hard to understand. I tried babbler, but it doesn't help either.
There is one word that is very common in their language, but which causes me headaches. Very often, they say something like [RESOLVED]. I cannot get the grip of its meaning. Can you help?

Thanks in advance.

Juliet Ceres hat gesagt…

That one's easy. [RESOLVED] wheater on the blog or in the JIRA means that they just stopped working on it. Reasons for that vary but may include but not limited to:
- someone felt the urge to throw a party
- whatever they worked on suddenly started to work by itself again
- the guys from the electronics shack next door delivered a brand new router and plugged it in for the lindens
- everyone got bored and they all felt the urge to get back to working on their personal "projects" projects again

Did that clear up things a little?

Viola Gemini hat gesagt…

"The issue can cause a number of different problems such as: an inability to search or use the map, failure to rez, failures while attaching, L$ balance not being displayed and odd IM behavior. Because there is the possibility of content loss, we encourage you to verify that Search works in the region you are in before attempting to rez any objects."

I was hoping you could translate this, sounds important but i can't quite figure out what they mean by verifying if search is up while search is down before attempting to rez an object.

Good thing voice is still working...

[UPDATE]: Voice isn't working.

[UPDATE]: Because voicers felt at a distadvantage regulair chat is kind of a no-no too now.

[UPDATE]: Bob Linden lost Mr. Wiggles. Have you seen it?

[UPDATE]: Check wether you are able to log in before attempting to teleport anywhere.

[UPDATE]: Teleport anywhere before you attempt to log in.

[RESOLVED]: Bob Linden has found Mr Wiggles again.