Content Creation in SL

Another interesting conversation I had with a friend who's an awsome animator.
Cracker Hax: these new animations give me a woody
Cracker Hax: probably more than most noobs will ever notice
Cracker Hax: until they get used to them
Cracker Hax: then try some other animations
Cracker Hax: i dunno, my eye is trained so i really dont know how most people notice animation details
Cracker Hax: i figure its like a good movie, if you even think about it as "i am watching a movie" then its bad
Juliet Ceres: mhhhmmm
Cracker Hax: so you dont notice good animation but you notice it when its bad
Juliet Ceres: right
Juliet Ceres: it's kinda different with building
Juliet Ceres: you notice good stuff
Cracker Hax: then again when its all bad, you cant help but notice the good stuff
Cracker Hax: yeah it is
Cracker Hax: people dont remember if an animation is bad or not
Cracker Hax: they just remember what it gemnerally looked like and their brain fills in the rest
Cracker Hax: they have to see them side by side to tell
Cracker Hax: one thing completely new to me is selling animations
Cracker Hax: its rather strange
Cracker Hax: before SL you just did work for one guy, if he liked it then it was done, you didnt have to think about anything else
Cracker Hax: but here, you can make even shitty ones and see firsthand what people like and what they dont
Cracker Hax: its very cool
Cracker Hax: not only that but there is appreciation for it
Cracker Hax: its more of an art here than anywhere else
Cracker Hax: when people are playing video games, they dont say "wow that is awesome animation" unless its something really wacky like some bizarre fighting style
Cracker Hax: but here, they do
Cracker Hax: even for the simplest stuff
Cracker Hax: like a pose
Cracker Hax: "wow thats a really cool pose"
Cracker Hax: or a generic walk cycle
Juliet Ceres: yeah
Juliet Ceres: because people appreciate content more
Juliet Ceres: because they get a feeling for how difficult it is to actually create stuff
Cracker Hax: yeah when they have shitty content to compare it with they suddenly notice
Juliet Ceres: second life educates people in that aspect
Cracker Hax: hell yes
Cracker Hax: thats right on the money
Cracker Hax: you tell people in the everyday world you animate 3d stuff and they dont think much abou tit
Juliet Ceres: it kinda reduces the brainless consumption
Cracker Hax: but in SL people say "ohh coool"
Juliet Ceres: everything you buy in second life you buy to satisfy a higher need
Juliet Ceres: no need but "want"
Cracker Hax: so there is fame and notariety for something that has never had fame and notatiety associated with it
Juliet Ceres: you don'T consume in a way like in RIL
Juliet Ceres: IRL
Juliet Ceres: where you buy a hot dog
Juliet Ceres: eat it
Juliet Ceres: and after 40 seconds you completely forgot that you bought and eat it
Juliet Ceres: because every transaction in here is made conciously
Cracker Hax: yeah the only real consumption is lindens

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