Audio Streaming with just the SL Voice Feature

I've made my first video tutorial because I wanted to share how to stream music from iTunes or Winamp or any application to Second Life with nothing more than SL and the push of a button in your Windows volume settings.

Please be gentle with the comments, it's my first one and you may notice that... I'M A GUY! OMG!

Audio Streaming With The Second Life Voice Feature - Click here for more amazing videos


iskandra hat gesagt…

Does Sponto know you're a guy? :-D
Try this for the pronunciation of your last name...


Alyx Sands

subbie hat gesagt…

Hey Jules, loved that and found it extremely interesting too!
Btw, most girls in sl probably are guys, lol, but, being a fan of Ur work, i must say i loved hearing Ur voice.
Im a fan of Ur blog too, U post the funiest stuff and when U'r "serious", i can only agree with what U say.

Niki Fouquet (a Bitter Thorn fan)

Angle hat gesagt…


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