What's wrong with the grid right now?

Tateru Nino at secondlifeinsider has a really good piece about what's wrong.
Seems there are some guys exploiting a bug/feature that has been reported early in 2006 already.
And it seems LL is going to have to break stuff to fix it so I think we're up for a rough week or two.

Read it for yourself and tell your friends. :)

Here's a conversation I had with Tateru about this. I though it might be interesting for people who're not that much into how the grid and LL works.

[5:39] Juliet Ceres: btw what do you think how long is it going to take to fix this stuff?
[5:40] Tateru Nino: Well, I presume LL are working on fixing the exploit without breaking anything. That they're also trying to figure out how to protect the backbone against this sort of crap from any other source.
[5:40] Tateru Nino: That liaisons are hunting down and removing the rogue devices as they are located - though they can't teleport either.
[5:41] Juliet Ceres: lol
[5:41] Tateru Nino: And that PN are planting as many new ones as they can with the asset system all messed up.
[5:41] Juliet Ceres: why the fuck aren't they taking the grid down then?
[5:41] Tateru Nino: I'm hoping within a few hours. I wouldn't be _surprised_ if it was a couple days.
[5:42] Juliet Ceres: I think it's gonna be a week untill things get back to semi-broken again
[5:42] Tateru Nino: At this stage, at least, taking the grid down isn't going to help them fix things any faster - and if I were on the team looking at the backbone, I'd want to see the shit happening live so I could brainstorm on ways to prevent anything like it in future.
[5:43] Juliet Ceres: yeah but if those PN guys are planting new stuff...
[5:43] Juliet Ceres: I mean it's interesting to use the live grid as some sort of stress test thingy
[5:44] Juliet Ceres: see how much it can take and how well they can fend of an attack like this
[5:44] Tateru Nino nods.
[5:44] Tateru Nino: The beta grid is just too small to exhibit the same symptoms.
[5:45] Tateru Nino: It's the difference between throwing a grasshopper out of a 10th floor window and throwing an elephant out. The grasshopper probably won't be hurt.
[5:45] Tateru Nino: The elephant crushes your Sentra.

I have no idea what a 'Sentra' is though. :(

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myg hat gesagt…

I believe Tateru is talking about a Nissan Sentra, a smallish car on the lower end of their models. I drove one for many years and can say with authority that an elephant thrown from a window would have definitely crushed it!