How to navigate a broken grid

I've heard about a design guru who said that the natural state of everything is broken and the job of designers is to make people love it so much anyway that they fix it or keep using it anyway.

LL fails at that. Yeah we do keep on using SL anyway but it's not LL that makes us do that. Everyone has their own reasons to keep on using SL - for me it's the people, especially my friends.
Since I seem to have a bit of knowledge about how SL can be used wheather it's only slightly broken (the usual state) or completely broken (grid down, LL ops crying, Philip Rosendale denying it's his fault) I thought I'd tell you about it in a series of posts.

Here's the first one.

How to move around on the grid when teleports aren't working anymore:

No matter if teleports work or not, you can always log in to a region directly on the login window. That means you have to specify the region name ( + coordinates if you got those as well).

To do this, you need to go to the preferences window (when you're logged in, it's the last entry in the "Edit" menu). In the "General" tab just check 'Show Start Location on Login Screen'.

Close preferences and you'll notice a new entry field below your login name and password.
There you can just type in the name of the region of your choice (I chose the region where my main store is - Virago). Then log in. You'll get logged into SL at the location of the telehub of that region or if there is none at 128/128/some_altitude_that_depends_on_how_high_the_ground_is.

You can even go to distinct coordinates if you know them. I just made some up and it won't work for my region because I force all my customers to log in to a certain point in my store *evilgrin* but in other regions it might.

Now you may ask yourself 'Where do I get the region names and/or coordinates from?'. Answer: either you know them by heart, or you can look them up in your landmarks or picks of people (there's always a location below picks/classifieds in peoples profiles).

In this example it chose 'EtchD' - the awesome shop of Sinjun Soyer. She makes tattoos and can be found at Koreshan (that's the name of the region) and the coordinates of her store are 32/208/29 which translates to the 32nd meter in X-direction, the 208th meter in Y-direction of the sim and an altitude of 29 meters.

Happy teleporting!



PS: For news about the state of SL and everything that's important, check out secondlifeinsider.com . That's my main source of info, it's faster and more accurate than LL's own blog.

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