New Tattoo, new boots

Got even less time than usual...
Sorry. :(

New stuff. Buy it!!

Bye :)


New Tattoo, New Jacket for Men

Here's a new tattoo. It's hand drawn, comes in many layers and versions and is tintable. I honestly love it.

The next thing is something new: I didn't make this Jacket myself, but instead Hern Worsley did. He's a skilled builder who makes cyberpunk stuff as I do. And since I don't have a lot of time lately, he is going to be releasing some things that fit to my clothes and accessoires in my store and under my brand. His first item is a jacket for men. It comes in 3 sizes and there'S also a fitting guide included so you know how to adjust it to your avatar.

New Sim

I had to get a new place because some guy placed a super laggy club next to my store in Plush Terra. So here it is, the first small Bitter Thorns Sim:

Here's the Slurl for it:

->Bitter Thorns<- Main Store at Virago

I've added a little beach and a surfboard rezzer. Movies aren't there yet but you can have a look at my upcoming skybox - it's right above the store and you can get there via the the local teleport sign.

I'm gonna take a break for a few days from SL so cya next week or so...



New Weapon, new "Outfit"

Yeah I know it's kinda old already but I thought I'd post it anyway. My "new" weapon is out since about a week now. For all of you how just check out my blog and not my store or group: here it is.

Also the amazing Darmin Darkes has finished this other "outfit" that's available in some of my stores now as well: