New stuff

Oh my, this is gonna be the biggest update yet...
I made more hair. It's scripted so you can choose between 12 textures to color it in. And not only that, you can have 2 textures at once, choosing your own highlights with your natural color or just come up with something really funky.
The bangs are colorable in the same as well so you there are 12x12x12x12 variants you can have each of these.

I made it compatible with the Scorpion mask, so you can have a pretty unique look. Only your eyes (prolly some of mine...) stick out below a mask and headband...

Just have a look at the pictures.

Oh and I made a white version of my armor set as well to go with the white mask and hair.

AND Katat0nik has finished one more of her tattoos. It's called "Mechanic" and looks very cool. I love it.

Here are the pictures:


New Eyes, New Mask, damn tired....

I don't really have the juice to write much here. Let it be known that a new set of eyes and my first mask can be had at my main store.

Some Pictures:


First Tattoo By Katat0nik

I'm happy to tell you that the first tattoo of Katat0nik Pidgeon is out. It's called Twisted Thorns (whoah, there's a similarity to something in that name but I can't quite nail it...).

If you like it, you can get it at my Main store in Plush Terra.
And/or you can check out more of Katat0nik's art at http://katat0nik.deviantart.com .



I made a skirt...


And some bracers.



People wanted me to make a chain that goes from nose to ear.
So I ended up with earrings...

If you like them, get them at my main store.

Good night...

New Tiny Avatar: Rusty Teddybear

It has a spring key in its back that spins.

I don't really know if I want people to buy it because deep inside I'd like to keep it all to myself :p


Tiny Cyberbunny Avatar is finished...

Wow. Cracker finished the anims last night (my time) and I put them in an AO.
So now the Cyberbunny Avatar is finished. My first avatar.

You can get it at my main store in Plush Terra.

And if you've got 100L and 48 prims to spare, you can get my cubistic cuddle couch there, too. :D