Makin Armor is hard

I've spent days now on my armor and I'm not really happy with it. And this is just the chest part and only the female version. Uhh...

Gimme some input in the comments. What do you think?
Textures are only temporary. I think I'm gonna make a rusty version, too.

In other news: Woot, my group has passed the 200 users barrier. :)


Nell hat gesagt…

I think it looks neat personally, though if you aren't pleased with it maybe go back to what you were pleased with in the other armor you created that had a fair bit more skin, and less bulk. Unless that's what you wanted...*blinks* lol I tried.

Juliet Ceres hat gesagt…

Yeah I could do that. But that's not what I had in mind. I wanted to make a "real" armor that deserves that name.

Btw your blog is nice, I liked that "haircut" picture lots. I might build a sword like that inworld. At least it's gonna inspire me. :)

Nell hat gesagt…

Ahahah thank you xD I drew that pic when I used to play wow making fun of my friend as I ran around with that sword...which I drew much larger :) Threatening to scalp him with it as a 'haircut'.

And okay I getcha...I guess just keep playin with the armor. :) I really think it's neat so far, armor is difficult to make it look appealing I've noticed it always gets too bulky and seems rigid.