First Post Evar!

Hello to all you beautiful people.

I've got no time at all (as usual) but I will post everything I do here so you will have an idea on what I'm working at the moment and what's up next.

Right now I'm uploading some snapshots of the first Bitter Thorns Tattoo.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Coming up later today or tomorrow will be some new accessoires for Tinies, some weird steampunky thingies, a pair of new eyes (steampunky, too) and I'm working on a set of armor.

New tattoos will be up this week also, so stay tuned.




myg hat gesagt…
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myg hat gesagt…

hey juli! great news on your new blog - i will definitely be following. and i am loving that new tattoo! will be paying a visit to bitter thorns very soon...

Nell hat gesagt…

Beautiful tatoo...I'm bloody picky as hell with them but I love that...hope to see more ;)