New Store

Day 1:

In the evening of day 1:

Day 2:
I've added a cubistic cuddle couch and some art. Katya Koolhaas of KaoSOme Designs told me about Occlusion culling to improve framerates for everyone at the place so I added some walls but still kept the place pretty much open.
I hope to be able to finish it today.

Afternoon of day 2:
I'm done. Kinda. Still have to update landmarks in my other 18 stores and vendors (lol) and have to get the movie with my 3D views of my stuff over to the new place. But I'd say it's pretty much done.

Here's the direct link to it ingame:

->Bitter Thorns at Plush Terra<- Main Store


I made hair...

That's the final version:

What do you come up with when you want to build a visor? Right, HAIR! What else?

So once again one of my building sprees ended up in something completely unplanned.

Have a look.

I think I'm gonna package 3 colors in one box for your enjoyment. Making hair is cool so I'm gonna make more.

Check out my store in Seonhan later today if you want a copy.

Byez. :)

Random Strangeness #1

I'm gonna post some random strange snapshots I take "at work" from now on.

#1: Cyberbunneh meets it's maker

Makin Armor is hard

I've spent days now on my armor and I'm not really happy with it. And this is just the chest part and only the female version. Uhh...

Gimme some input in the comments. What do you think?
Textures are only temporary. I think I'm gonna make a rusty version, too.

In other news: Woot, my group has passed the 200 users barrier. :)



Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

With help from one of my customers/fans and my lovely and oh so smart wife I made this new Cyberbunny outfit. You may already know the boots and arms, but the head and torso are new.
When I finished it, I realized that all I needed for a full tiny avatar was the animation override part of it. So my genious animator Cracker Hax got a new job. He's the guy who made the animations for my weapons, too.

I'm feeling kinda bad because I will be competing against Wynx Whiplash (and other creators of tiny avatars) once I have my own tiny AO and I really like her and her work. But then I think it'd be unfair to charge 400L or more for some armor/body parts for tinies and still require the customer to have to buy another tiny avatar. Also having another tiny body under my armor adds to lag so there's that downside, too.

Furthermore I think the market for tinies is big enough and there can't be too many of them anyway, so it isn't all that bad. :)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Hopefully Cracker will have those anims done in the next few days so you can grab a copy of my first tiny avatar.


First Post Evar!

Hello to all you beautiful people.

I've got no time at all (as usual) but I will post everything I do here so you will have an idea on what I'm working at the moment and what's up next.

Right now I'm uploading some snapshots of the first Bitter Thorns Tattoo.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Coming up later today or tomorrow will be some new accessoires for Tinies, some weird steampunky thingies, a pair of new eyes (steampunky, too) and I'm working on a set of armor.

New tattoos will be up this week also, so stay tuned.