From Sales to Tips

Here's a conversation I had with dandellion about my decision to start to sell some of my items with full permissions from now on.

Juliet Ceres: hey ya
dandellion Kimban: hey
Juliet Ceres: I'm reading your blog from time to time :)
dandellion Kimban: I'm reading your blog too
dandellion Kimban: :)
dandellion Kimban: came to see new stuff
Juliet Ceres: welcome :)
dandellion Kimban: :)
dandellion Kimban: I don't get your brevity to release something with full perms
Juliet Ceres: I'll explain it to you if you want to
dandellion Kimban: sure
Juliet Ceres: ok
Juliet Ceres: back
dandellion Kimban: just a sec
dandellion Kimban: back
dandellion Kimban: sorry
Juliet Ceres: ok
Juliet Ceres: so you wanna know why I did it?
dandellion Kimban: aren't you affraid of getting ripped?
dandellion Kimban: yes
Juliet Ceres: ok there are several reasons
Juliet Ceres: 1) SVR-273 aka the bug that makes people end up with full permission items of stuff
Juliet Ceres: SVR I think
Juliet Ceres: http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-273
Juliet Ceres: which means at the moment more or less everything everyone sells can end up as a freebie anyway
Juliet Ceres: 2) I've sold stuff of mine although it could be had for free because I had a misconfiguration in my vendors for quite some time
Juliet Ceres: people still bought it
Juliet Ceres: 3) the second LL decides to opensource the server and people start hosting their own sims content creators like me have to think aobut what to do anyway
Juliet Ceres: do you trust the owner of the server enough to place your items there or eve let people go there?
Juliet Ceres: will there be central asset servers?
Juliet Ceres: who knows
dandellion Kimban: oh, that is not going to be like that
Juliet Ceres: it'S prolly going to be an open thing
dandellion Kimban: asset servers are not gong to be open
Juliet Ceres: see?
Juliet Ceres: bt there are going to be a lot of open sims and the second people rez stuff there it could possibly be ripped
dandellion Kimban: the reason lindens are postponing the release of server code is actually problem with asset, names and money servers
dandellion Kimban: other one is that they hard-coded too many things without much sense but that is the other story
Juliet Ceres: yeah I know and there won't be a solution that lets content creators sell their stuff in open sims and still be sure that it won't be copied
Juliet Ceres: my point is: if I don't have to worry about being ripped off because my customers are not paying me because they HAVE to but because they WANT TO
Juliet Ceres: then I can sell my stuff anywhere I want to without having to think about security
Juliet Ceres: 4) at the moment you can rip off everything that consists of textures and prims anyway
Juliet Ceres: scripts and animations are somewhat secure (except in cases of svc-273)
Juliet Ceres: but whoever wants to can rip of every skin and every pair of boots they want to
dandellion Kimban: basically, yiou are turning from the sales to tips?
Juliet Ceres: exactly
Juliet Ceres: I wanna try if it works
Juliet Ceres: I mean it works for online music stores
Juliet Ceres: look at magnatune, beatport, amazon and whatnot
Juliet Ceres: they're all selling without DRM
dandellion Kimban: yes
dandellion Kimban: actually, I like that way
dandellion Kimban: peoblem is that communication inside SL is too weak
dandellion Kimban: I saw a guy who is selling those frebie hot-tubs for 500L$
dandellion Kimban: and he's not alone
Juliet Ceres: here's #5
Juliet Ceres: 5)
Juliet Ceres: people ripping you off aren'T actually hurting your business
Juliet Ceres: they DON'T
Juliet Ceres: it's about opportunity
Juliet Ceres: if people want to buy something and they see it somewhere and it has a resonable price
Juliet Ceres: they buy it
Juliet Ceres: and so if people want to rip my stuff of, so be it
Juliet Ceres: if I'm doing a good job with marketing and pr, people come to my store first because I actually know how to sell my own stuff
Juliet Ceres: better than whoever is ripping me off
Juliet Ceres: I've yet to find someone who rips people off who makes at least 5% of what the original creator makes
Juliet Ceres: saleswise
Juliet Ceres: and 6)
Juliet Ceres: going after product pirates is just not worth the time
Juliet Ceres: at all
Juliet Ceres: it's a huge waste of time
dandellion Kimban: agreed on that one
dandellion Kimban: I have a problem with the 5th one
dandellion Kimban: though it depends on the niche
dandellion Kimban: in your business.... we al lknow about bitter thorns
dandellion Kimban: and there goes marketing and PR
dandellion Kimban: but I cannot agree that ripoffs don+t hurt your business
Juliet Ceres: actually you might be right there
Juliet Ceres: but just because there's no way for me to brand my stuff
Juliet Ceres: because I would have to sell it no mod
Juliet Ceres: which I don't wanna
Juliet Ceres: and if I sell it with mod rights whoever rips it off can remove my logo
Juliet Ceres: I would have to create a logo that's not possible to remove
Juliet Ceres: I would have to make a special feature my logo
Juliet Ceres: so people recognize it
Juliet Ceres: still thinking about that one
Juliet Ceres: but I think this is all worth it so far
Juliet Ceres: there's another point btw
Juliet Ceres: 7) I make a lot of money with new users
Juliet Ceres: which means sooner or later a new user comes to my store and buys stuff
Juliet Ceres: new users don't already have friends with all of my stuff
Juliet Ceres: and if they do and those friends like my products, they'll prolly encourage the new user to buy my items instead of just giving them to the new user for free
Juliet Ceres: basically it all boils down to me being friendly and trusting people
dandellion Kimban: :)
Juliet Ceres: I think it's easier to be nice and hope that people don't hate one for it
Juliet Ceres: than to try to be safe
dandellion Kimban: yes, safety obsession is hole without the bottom


I've been a busy little builder.

I've made a whole series of postapocalyptic stuff (too much to even post screenshots of it, just check it out in my store in virago). Also, I've changed my payment system to EURO for my more popular items because the US Dollar seems to be in a free fall. That means the price of my items now depends on the Euro and its exchange rate with the US Dollar/Linden Dollar (the Linden Dollar more or less proportional to the US $).

ALSO: Today I've finished my first item that I am going to sell with FULL PERMISSIONS.
Yes you've heard right, I'm selling the Wasteland Goggles with modify, transfer and copy permissions.
I'll post more about this later but for now let me just quote from the product notecard that comes with the goggles:

->Bitter Thorns<- Wasteland Goggles
Design and Idea: Juliet Ceres

These Goggles come wit FULL PERMISSIONS. You can wear them, modify them, script them, give them to your friends, you can even SELL THEM if you made changes to them.
Please don't just sell them as they are, I'd consider that as a rip off but I won't come after you if you do. Just expect a lot of bad karma and people yelling at you if you do.
Also please don't put them in a box that everyone just has to click on to get them (that means freebie places as well).

If you give them to other people or sell them, please give me credit when doing so - a simple "The original version of these modified goggles was made by Juliet Ceres. Please check out her stuff if you like them."


Wear them. That's all.

I hope you enjoy them. :)

Juliet Ceres


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A generation of PC hardware does not come ever 6 months. I think it's just graphics cards that are outdated that fast. CPUs usually take a bit longer.


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I made a video (planning to make a whole series) to show that Second Life is NOT boring. I plan to walk around and show places that I like and things that are interesting. This is the first installment of this series. Included are:

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- pretty darn good advertisement

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Skypad Video Tutorial

Since it's one of the most complicated but also most versatile of my products, I've decided to make a video tutorial for the Bitter Thorns Skypad No.1 .

In it you'll see how it's set up and what you can do with it. I've made two parts, the first one is about setting it up and the second one is about modifying and making copies of it.

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